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Our Advisors will get your family ready for any disaster.

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75% of tornados form in the USA

Rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after a disaster can be as high as 40%

30 – 50% of disaster fatalities are children

We are disaster preparedness experts.

This is what we do. We have extensive national and international experience mitigating the impact of small to large scale disasters for families and communities.

How it Works

Is your family ready?


Do you know your risk?

Understanding your risks and knowing your resources are key to managing an emergency situation.


Do you have plan?

It is essential to have a plan. Your own customized plan, taking in considerations your specific needs.


Are your ready to take action?

Taking action at the right time needs preparation and training. Stay informed.

Risk Assessment

Our advisor will meet with you at your home or place of business to conduct a full risk assessment of your personal, family and business needs and help you identify your risks.

Emergency Plan

Our advisor will design a comprehensive Evacuation & Sustainment Plan for you and your family based on the information from your risk assessment.

Emergency Kit

Our advisor will build customized emergency kits, customized to your needs, based on your personalized Evacuation & Sustainment Plan.

Our 3 step process

Our disaster preparedness service follows a simple three-step process to ensure comprehensive readiness for emergencies.

First, we conduct a thorough risk assessment, evaluating the vulnerabilities specific to your location and circumstances. This assessment allows us to identify potential hazards and develop a customized plan tailored to your needs.

Next, we work with you to create a detailed emergency plan that includes evacuation strategies, communication protocols, and designated meeting points. Finally, we guide you in assembling an essential emergency kit, equipped with vital supplies to sustain your family during crisis situations.

With our three-step process, you can rest assured knowing that you have a solid foundation for preparedness in the face of any disaster.


All you need to know to keep your household safe during emergency situations (tornadoes, hurricanes, severe weather,..)


What our clients say about us

Signing up for your disaster preparedness services was the best decision our family made. With the increasing uncertainty in the world, we wanted to ensure our family’s safety in case of any emergency. Your comprehensive guidance and personalized approach made us feel confident and prepared. The step-by-step instructions, emergency kit, and expert advice gave us peace of mind. Thank you for helping us protect our loved ones.

Sarah J.

Plano, TX

With unpredictable weather patterns and the increasing frequency of tornado warnings, we knew it was time to take action. Alex exceeded our expectations. He conducted a thorough assessment of our home and surroundings, identifying potential risks we hadn’t even considered. He then created an emergency kit customized for our needs which included evacuation routes and communication plans. Your service has empowered us to protect our family effectively. Thank you!

Mike & Rachel S.

Dallas, TX

As a single mother, I often worry about how to keep my children safe during emergencies. Greenteams has been a lifesaver. From the moment I reached out, your team was attentive, understanding, and supportive. They guided me through every step of creating a tailored emergency plan, which included age-appropriate strategies for my kids. The comprehensive checklist and training sessions gave me the confidence to handle any crisis. I’m so grateful for your expertise and dedication!

Lisa M.

Houston, TX

Entrust your safety to our team of trusted advisors



All our Advisors are current or retired Firefighter, EMS, ER Nurse or Doctor, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Military or United Nations Staff. Therefore they went through a rigorous vetting process.



All our Advisors have experience working in disaster management in the United States or overseas in different capacities. They integrated in Local, Federal or United Nations disaster responses.



We have a team of emergency services trained specialists in various field of disaster management such as emergency planners, Emergency Medicine, Fire prevention & suppression, high angle rescue, flood & swift-water rescue, WASH.

Our advisors are trained by the best


Don’t wait until it’s too late; know your disaster risks today