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Base Risk Assessment


Risk assessment

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Essential plan


Per year

This includes:

♦ Remote Risk Assessment
♦ Emergency Plan
♦ Evacuation Plan
♦ Emergency Kit 
♦ Yearly Review of Risk Assessment
♦ Yearly Review of Emergency Plan
♦ Yearly Review of Evacuation Plan

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Family Plan


Per year

This includes:

♦ On-site Risk Assessment
♦ Emergency Plan
♦ Evacuation Plan
♦ Home Emergency Kit
♦ Car Emergency Kit
♦ Risk Assessment Review every 6 months
♦ Emergency Plan Review every 6 months
♦ Evacuation Plan Review every 6 months
♦ Emergency Kits every 6 months

Executive Plan


Per year

This includes:

♦ On-site Risk Assessment ( up to 2 locations)
♦ Emergency Plan
♦ Evacuation Plan
♦ Home Emergency Kit
♦ Car Emergency Kit
♦ Risk Assessment Review every 6 months
♦ Emergency Plan Review every 6 months
♦ Evacuation Plan Review every 6 months
♦ Check Emergency Kits every 6 months
♦ Yearly On-Site Training & Drill session
♦ Access to an On-Site Emergency Response Team (add-on)


What our clients say about us

After experiencing a recent earthquake scare, we realized how ill-prepared we were for such situations. Your advisors came to the rescue. The team provided a detailed assessment of our home’s vulnerabilities and delivered a customized emergency plan. They educated us on essential supplies, evacuation strategies, and even conducted drills. Now we feel much more secure knowing we have a solid plan in place. Your service is invaluable!

Mark T.

Los Angeles, CA

As a coastal resident, hurricane preparedness is a top priority for my family. Your services have been instrumental in ensuring our readiness for the hurricane season. The expert guidance we received, including a thorough assessment of our home’s vulnerabilities and recommendations for strengthening it, was invaluable. Your team’s expertise and attention to detail gave us peace of mind during a time of heightened anxiety. Thank you for helping us feel secure in the face of potential disasters.
Jennifer W.

Miami, FL

After witnessing the aftermath of a severe storm in our neighborhood, we realized the importance of being prepared for emergencies. Greenteams was a game-changer for our family. From the initial consultation to the implementation of our personalized emergency plan, your team was professional, knowledgeable, and kind. We highly recommend your services to anyone who values their family’s safety.

Robert L.

Frisco, TX

Frequently asked questions, answered.

What is the difference between the Remote Risk Assessment and the On-Site Risk Assessment?

Remote Risk Assessment: Our Advisors evaluate potential risks and vulnerabilities using technology (video-telephony) and data provided by the client, without physically visiting the site. This method is ideal when time, budget or logistical constraints exist.

On-Site Risk Assessment: Our Advisors visit the location to assess risks and vulnerabilities. They conduct a comprehensive evaluation on-site, considering infrastructure, geography, your family specific needs and emergency response capabilities. This approach provides a detailed and accurate analysis.

What is an Emergency Plan?

An emergency plan for families is a documented set of procedures specifically tailored to address potential disasters. It outlines steps to be taken during emergencies, such as communication methods, assigned responsibilities, and essential resources. The plan aims to safeguard the well-being of family members and enable a coordinated response in times of crisis. Having a family emergency plan in place is vital for ensuring preparedness and the ability to effectively navigate through challenging situations. Our Advisors will prepare and deliver you a fully customized Emergency Plan to your family based on your risk assessment.

What is an Evacuation Plan?

An evacuation plan is a comprehensive strategy that outlines the steps to be taken in safely evacuating family members during emergencies or disasters. It includes clear instructions on designated evacuation routes, meeting points, communication methods, and necessary supplies to bring along. The plan is designed to ensure the well-being of the entire family and facilitate a swift and organized evacuation process. Having a well-prepared evacuation plan is crucial for family safety and preparedness in times of disaster. Our Advisors will prepare and deliver you a fully customized Evacuation Plan to your family based on your risk assessment.

What is an Emergency Kit?

An emergency kit for family disaster preparedness is a collection of essential items and supplies assembled in advance to support individuals and their families during emergencies or disasters. The emergency kit is intended to provide the necessary resources for survival, comfort, and self-sufficiency until assistance can be obtained or normal conditions are restored. Having a well-stocked and easily accessible emergency kit is vital for family readiness and resilience during challenging situations.

What is the diferrence between an Home Emergency Kit and a Car Emergency Kit?

 The Home Emergency Kit and Car Emergency Kit differ in their intended use and the specific items they contain:

Home Emergency Kit: A Home Emergency Kit is designed to support a family during a disaster or emergency situation while they are in their residence. The Home Emergency Kit focuses on sustaining and ensuring the safety of family members within the home environment.

Car Emergency Kit: A Car Emergency Kit, on the other hand, is intended to provide assistance while traveling or in case of a breakdown or emergency situation on the road. The Car Emergency Kit is tailored to address the unique challenges and needs that may arise while on the road.

Both kits are essential for family disaster preparedness. The Home Emergency Kit focuses on immediate needs within the home during an emergency, while the Car Emergency Kit provides resources and tools specifically for on-the-road situations. It is recommended to have both kits readily available to ensure comprehensive preparedness for various scenarios.

Why is it important to review your Risk Assessment, Emergency Plan, Evacuation Plan periodically?

Regularly reviewing your Risk Assessment, Emergency Plan, and Evacuation plan is important for:

Adapting to Change: Circumstances can change, and our advisors will assist you in reviewing and updating your plans to ensure they remain relevant and effective.

Incorporating New Information: Our advisors stay informed about the latest data and insights, helping you incorporate updated information into your plans for improved accuracy and responsiveness.

Learning from Experience: Our experienced advisors will help you analyze past emergencies, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the efficiency of your plans based on lessons learned.

Following Best Practices: Our advisors are knowledgeable about evolving best practices in disaster preparedness. They will provide guidance to help you optimize your plans and align them with the latest recommendations.

With the assistance of our advisors, periodic reviews will keep your plans current, adaptable, and aligned with the highest standards of disaster preparedness.

Why is it important to check your Emergency Kit periodically?

Regularly checking your emergency kit is crucial because:

Inventory Management: Ensure all essential items are present and in good condition with the assistance of our advisors.

Restocking Supplies: Our advisors can guide you in restocking necessary items to maintain the kit’s readiness.

Equipment Maintenance: Properly maintain items like flashlights and radios for optimal functionality during emergencies.

Evolving Needs: Our advisors can help assess changing requirements and update the emergency kit accordingly.

Periodic checks, supported by our advisors, keep your emergency kit reliable and tailored to your family’s needs in times of disaster.

What is the On-Site Emergency Response Team Access Add-on?

The On-Site Emergency Response Team service is a specialized offering where a team of trained professionals is deployed to a location prior or during an emergency or crisis. The team is equipped to handle various aspects of emergency response, including incident management, coordination with authorities, first aid and medical support, evacuation assistance, and ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals on-site. This service provides immediate on-the-ground support and expertise, enhancing the overall effectiveness of emergency response efforts and helping to mitigate risks in real-time. Regular training and coordination with local authorities are integral to the On-Site Emergency Response Team’s capabilities. Access to this service is only available to Executive Plan subscriber and comes at an additional cost.